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BSR has a major environmental commitment aimed at reducing the negative effect on the environment regarding products and in our overall operations, and we have been awarded the Environmental Diploma by the local authorities (Municipality of Växjö).

In several projects BSR is carrying out active research into conversion to alternative fuels.

BSR's projects show that by correctly performed tuning and optimisation for each fuel quality, greater power can be obtained while still complying with EU standards for exhaust/emission values.

BSR has worked actively since 1997 to influence authorities to effect improvements in legislation, among other things in our role as referral body for “Exhaust Cleaning 2000”.
The aim is to establish a certification system for accessories and tuning systems, which is also supported by the Special Traffic Committee and the Swedish Ministry of the Environment. A brief description of our extensive body of work can be found in the archive “@ktuellt.” This info is however only available in Swedish language.

Our efforts have during 2005 resulted in actions from the Swedish Road Administration, who on behalf of the Government produced a proposal regarding conversion of vehicles for alternative fuels. The proposal was presented on 1 October 2005 and have been processed by the Parliament during 2006 andd 2007. The law come into effect 1:st Januar 2008.

BSR is a part of a major EU project - BEST (Bio Ethanol for Sustainable Transport) – commencing in the beginning of 2006. The project involves a number of ethanol vehicle projects. We will be back with more information regarding this project.

BSR supports several environmental organizations and gives an annual contribution as a "corporate sponsor".